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Apple iMac Service & Repairs

Apple iMac Repair in London
iMac Service Repairs London

Goldmine Computer Repairs, we aim to provide a complete range of Apple iMac support for Business Customers & Residential Customers. Whatever the problem, we are here to help ... We cover Macbook, Macbook Pro, iMac, and the Macbook Air. Including screen replacements.

This includes the new M1 and M2 MacBook models. We are certified and purchase OME Apple parts for our repair. So you can rest assured your repair is as good as new. We price ranges for used, refurbrefurbished, and brand new MacBook parts.

Please view the list below when you see a support that fits your needs contact us so we can start a repair request for you.

We can resolve most Apple computer issues including: software problems, removal of viruses or spyware, supply or install new hardware components, replacements or upgrades. If the specific service that you need is not shown, please ask.

Water Damage Data Recovery

Your MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac suffered severe damage but your require your data? Your in the right place. We take Apple computers apart for a living. We won't charge evil high prices for data recovery and cannot promise data. We have all adaptors for ALL Apple computers SSD, HD, SHD, and M1, M2, data recovery retrieval. Give us a call on:- 0800 195 0007 we are the experts and trained and qualified.


Apple Computers
Goldmine MacBook Pro Repairs are very competent on Apple computer platforms weather hardware or software related issues. Our service undertakes the following Apple computers: Macbook, Macbook Pro, iMac, Macbook Air. The service can be used for models between year 200X (2000s) - 202X (2020). So year 2000 to current date Apple computers. 

Apple Internet & Wi-Fi Connections Issues
Does you Apple computer have internet or WiFi connection issues? Then this service is for you. We will find & fix any drivers, packages, or DMG files causing the OS X issues and have you connected in no time. 

Apple Computer Crashing or Freezing
Is your Apple computer crashing or freezing in the middle of your office application or favorite game? Possibly a hardware conflict is causing the problem, OS X software has become corrupt or perhaps the drivers/packages for the graphics card just need updating - whatever the problem, we have experienced local engineers ready to assist you.

OS X Software & DLLs Errors
Are you having problems installing certain OS X software, or perhaps you have installed OS X software, which has had unexpected side effects or caused conflicts with existing OS X software? We can help with all general/advance OS X software problems coupled with any issues relating to Apple update servers.

Apple Computers Data Loss & Retrieval
Our engineers can attempt to retrieve any data that has become lost or corrupted even deleted - at a fraction of the cost usually charged by data recovery specialists. We can also advise and implement effective backup procedures for you in order to safeguard your important data from future loss. This service can take up to 5 days.

Apple Hardware Faults & Upgrades
We can install new screens, keyboards, hard drives, memory modules (certain models), power supplies, processors, motherboards, graphics and sound cards, CD/DVD drives. We can supply replacements or upgrade your Apple computer components, or install parts which you have provided or purchased. Please note we can only advise on replacement parts we get from our suppliers not for parts purchased elsewhere.


Apple DC Power Port Replacement

Your Apple computer not charging? Having issues with the actual DC port? Please contact us.

OS X Booting or Loading Issues
Your Apple computer will not boot, there are error messages or freezing on Apple logo. These are common problems and our engineers are experienced in identifying the source of the problem and restoring your Apple computer OS X system to perfect health.

OS X Virus or Spyware Removal
Virus and spyware attacks are becoming more frequent and more serious. They can be among the hardest Apple computer problems to deal with. You may need professional help to clear the virus and to repair the damage it might have done. We can install free anti-virus Apple software and also advise about firewalls and other methods of OS X protection.

Apple Computer Hardware Repairs
We can replace the following items on most makes of Apple computers - SSD, HDD, memory modules, screen and keyboards, and batteries. Please note this is on certain models. We will require the make & model and year of damage units needing our attention so we can best find OEM parts for you.


- please contact us for more details.


Apple Computer Hardrive Upgrades (HDD to SSD)

We can replace the following items on most makes of Apple computers & desktops - Internal 2.5inch/3.5inch hard drives and SSDs hard drive upgrades. We can clone complete OS X system onto a new HDD or SSD so not one file is moved out of place. Again this is on certain models.

Apple Computer Training & Tuition
Our engineers are able to provide one-to-one Apple computer training. We can offer basic training in all aspects of Apple  computer usage, including effective Apple backup procedures and Apple computer housekeeping.


We can also give tuition in the use of most of the main OS X software packages, for example, Microsoft Office. Or maybe just how to use Paypal or eBay online with a Apple computer.


Apple Email Management
We have competent experience in setting up emails and dealing with email servers on any Apple computer weather it be gmail, outlook, or yahoo.


It can even be your work emails that need setting up on a Apple computer. If you're having issues sending or receiving we can find & fix issues and get you all connected again. 

Apple Network Setup or Repairs
Our engineers are experienced in the Apple network design, installation and configuration of networks (both peer-to-peer and server based) and in troubleshooting a wide variety of network and server related issues. Goldmine MacBook Pro Repairs have a great relationship with most is not all ISP providers like TalkTalk, BT, Virgin, together we can resolve ALL network internet issues. This support is if you require a network of Apple computers 10-100 range.

Please note if we attend to fix a network already created we may refuse to proceed with your request. This is to safeguard our insurance commitments. 

For more information on how we can help you with your Apple computer support:

call us today:-

0800 195 0007

07399 044 597

send an email to:-


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