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BGA & VGA Reballing Service in London

BGA & VGA Reballing Service
professional repair tools

Goldmine Computer Repairs are proud to announce we will soon be taking on BGA & VGA Reballing work. We purchased the state of the art rework stations and tools. We will also start taking on from summer 2023 coupled with BGA & VGA Reballing, advance level SMD motherboard soldering work, which includes consoles, iPhones, and a whole other load of electronics repair services.

We thank our past customers for their support in helping us grow. And of course Google and the team thanks guys.

We will post an update when this services is available for bookings.

Thanks for your patience.

BGA & VGA Reballing FAQs:-

What is BGA reballing?

Reballing is the process of replacing solder spheres on BGA packages. You can perform the process with a beginning repair technician. It does not require customized fixtures or frames. It also eliminates the need to prepare devices for reballing. We can clean the finished product with alcohol after soldering.

How many times can you Reball a BGA?
There is no hard industry rule but the rule of thumb for most companies is no more than 5 to 6 thermal cycles at reflow.

What does reballing a GPU do?
What is reballing a GPU? A gpu is connected to the pcb board through a BGA (ball grind array) where there is an array of ball solders that are then melted. Reballing means unsoldering the gpu then putting new solder balls and then resoldering the gpu onto the board. This is usually done with a stencil or a machine.

How long does reballing last?
With reballing, repair can last from five months up to three years. The process is quite complicated compared to reflowing.


Goldmine Computer Reapirs offer a No Fix. No Fee. system so you can book with confidence.

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