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Business Computer Repair in London

Business IT Support / On-site Support

For business customers requiring ongoing IT support for their office computers, network, or daily IT mangerment we offer the option of purchasing business PAYG Support Hours.


If your just a normal household please see residential support.


If your business requires a intelligent, flexiable, robust IT support you are in the right place. We also cover Apple computers and software issues. We are the IT experts. Period. Continue reading to find the right IT support solutions for your business today. We look forward to your custom and requirements.

The Legals First:

current insurers of

Goldmine Computer Repairs Limited:


1 Great St. Helen's

Current cover amount: £2,000,000

- see full policy details

All business support includes the following IT support: click here 

Why choose us for your business IT support

1. Professionalism

As a member of Google, Apple, and Microsoft you can trust we are as good as we say. With great reviews and constant high scores from our clients you know you are getting a great service and fantastic value.

2.  Ongoing support

Our customers receive quality support following any computer upgrade or repair. This includes 48 hours of free aftercare support.

3. Quality Same Day Fixes

Our famous, same day service is number #1 in London and surrounding areas

4. Honest & Reasonable Pricing

Whether you need on-site IT support at your home or London business, we treat all our customers equally. When you call Goldmine Computer Repairs Limited, you’ll receive the same superb standard of service at the same great rates – every time!

Pay As You Go Support

No long contracts, no having to pay more than needed, pay by the hour service. So you can tick your IT Support off you wish-list by taking this service. Please email so we can further tailor a service that suits you, staff, and more importanly your business.

We provide IT support for several other businesses, who make use of our engineers daily to provide quality IT support, in new IT areas where they have no knowledge in order to make the business grow.


We are here to help. We are passionate about IT.


We want to help your business grow just like you.

For more information on how we can help you with your business support:

call us today:-

0800 195 0007

07951 337 336

send an email to:-



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